The majority of truss failures occur during the installation and bracing of the truss system.
Component manufacturers can improve the safety of the process and at the same time reduce potential liability by providing industry produced documents to their customers on the proper installation and bracing of components. Building Component Safety Information (BCSI) jointly produced by SBCA and TPI is greatly expanded for 2008 to include hoisting, placement of truss bundles, design and installation of temporary and permanent bracing. This publication and the summary sheets are invaluable for your customers, and a great reference for your design, sales, and delivery team.

The use of MiTek Stabilizers, along with proper temporary and permanent bracing, will further improve safety and stability during the truss installation process. 

To view and order the BCSI document from SBC click on the link below. A version is available from MiTek which shows the proper use of the code approved Stabilizer during installation. To receive a PDF please click on the Stabilizer BCSI link.


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