Auto-Omni: Same Old Workhorse, Whole New Face


Now you can make your AutoOmni even more efficient and productive, no matter how old it is. We've always believed in upgrading the machinery you already have, rather
than making you buy a new one. In today's economy, that's even more important. This new AutoOmni version 7.0 upgrade allows your machine to run on a true Windows XP platform. That gives you many more benefits far superior to the previous DOS-based software:
Simple, intuitive interface (same as the much-newer ServoOmni).
  • Real-time database-driven reports generated for up to 45 days worth of data from the office. No waiting until the end of the day to get reports - or being limited to one days' activity.
  • Auto-calibration is now integrated within software.
  • Cut more part types directly from software files, as the software now reads XML files and recognizes more part type variations. (The increase in part types will depend on your design software.) Files can now be shared easily between equipment (for example, between the AutoOmni and the Miser).
  • The software is now fully integrated, from the ground up, with the powerful MiTek MVP program. This gives you more complete control over your plant's entire production and your future automation expansion.
  • Provides the ability to remote connect to Koskovich support. (Of course, breakdowns are rare, even with the older Auto Omni's.)
  • Software flexibility allows you to flip parts left-right and top-bottom to cut in the orientation that best suits your operation (for example, crown up versus crown down).
  • The software performs full logging of all communication and events. So if a tech is ever needed, all the data is available to solve the problem quickly.
  • Auto advance feature automatically moves the saw to the next setup. Eliminates having to hit the "Tab" button each time for every setup over the course of an entire shift.
  • With the errors displayed as text messages (instead of numeric codes), any deviations are quickly understood and corrected.
  • Errors displayed as text messages, not numeric error codes.

    How to Rev Up Your Workhorse

    If you already own Version 6 software, no purchase is necessary. However, it does require a service call in order to install, calibrate, and train. This incurs a nominal fee plus travel expenses for the technician. (Additional parts replacements are billed hourly, plus parts.)

    For owners of pre-Version 6.0 software, there is an upgrade fee. This one-time charge of $2,500, plus travel expenses, includes installation, calibration, training and minor adjustments to your saw. (Any additional parts replacements are billed hourly, plus parts.)