Gable ladders are used where a roof overhang in excess of 350mm is required at a gable end, and should be securely nailed directly to the last truss.

The gable ladder should be evenly supported by the gable brickwork. Barge boards and soffits can be nailed directly to the gable ladder. For gable overhangs in excess of 500mm from the outside face of the wall, special designs will be required.


In order to create a fire-stop it is recommended that the fire walls are stopped just below the tops of the rafters. The tiling battens can then be grouted in on either side of the wall and the space between them filled with a single course of brickwork. Trusses at fire breaks or chimneys should be stubbed and built into staggered connections in the brickwork. The centres of the trusses flanking the party walls should not exceed the design spacing of the trusses and battens must not be joined over the wall.