Software Capabilities
Powerfully Smooth Software

The MatchPoint PLANX™ software gives you powerful control over your jigging process, yet it works from a single screen. You control the puck’s placement – and the trusses’ position on the table.

You’ll know exactly what you’ve produced, thanks to its comprehensive production reporting capabilities. You can review your setup times, number of setups, number of trusses built and much more – in history logs or in real time (See more report criteria here). Now you can monitor your teams’ performance, schedule jobs and crews, coordinate your cutting and meet your customers’ schedules more precisely.
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Check Out These New Features:
Easy-To-Find Tools - See all of the elements you need, all on one screen.
Easy Trouble Shooting - Simple error messages, with logged actions for quick problem-tracking.  Phone help is handled by actual installers and technicians.
Control Your Build Order - The crew can click "Next Truss" - and see what the supervisor or production control department wants built next.  Or the operator can choose.
Quick Repetition of Truss Patterns - When you save the last truss position, PLANXTM will automatically load the job to the same last table position.
Unlimited Number of Truss Configurations - Arrange multiple truss designs on one table all at the same time.  Or fit a super-large truss on a normal size table.
Flip, Rotate or Zoom Your Truss - So your operator can position trusses for optimal nesting on the table, thus maximizing the limited space.
Check Dimensions Quickly - Hold your cursor over each puck and a box pops up to display the distance from a predetermined end of the component.
No More Network Dependency - If the network goes down, your PLANXTM keeps going - because it loads and stores its own data.
Set Your Own Target or Start Points - Set the "x" and "y" coordinates, or assign a vertices as your target point (then re-use it for similar trusses).
Analyze Your Reports - Reporting now shows board feet, linear feet, joint count, clamp errors and trusses per setup.
Move Pucks To Interior Locations - Just click and drag the puck, and it snaps to the closest possible interior location.
Move Pucks Individually Or As A Group - Move a single puck from one side to the other.  Or a whole group of pucks.  Either way, it's easy.