Teamed with Laser
Teaming a PLANX automated jigging system with a Virtek TrussLine laser imaging system speeds up truss building significantly. Recent benchmark studies found that when these systems are integrated, a three-man crew can jig and assemble trusses in 2.7 minutes on average. That’s a potential production of 44,000 trusses per setup for each shift every year.
Because PLANX speeds up the jigging, it cuts overall build time to 4.8 minutes per truss. Because the TrussLine laser speeds up component layout, it cuts build time to 5.2 minutes per truss. When you combine the two systems, you cut your build time to a lightning-fast 2.7 minutes per truss.
Each system adds its own specialized skill. PLANX uses computerized robotics to cut jigging time to 30 seconds or less. Similarly, the Virtek TrussLine laser accelerates layup by showing crews exactly what goes where. Together, their speed is amplified. With a single command, the truss is profiled with jigging pucks while the laser projects images of its parts and plates on the table. Even novice builders can quickly lay-up parts. The integrated jigging/laser system can be controlled at the tabletop with a control menu laser-projected onto the tabletop. This avoids returning to the console each time to use the menu.
These in-depth benchmark studies were conducted both with and without laser imaging, at three different times and truss plants. All were based on the 16 industry-recognized truss designs used in prior industry studies (the first in 1996 by the South Carolina Technology Center).

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