Return on Investment
Return on Investment in PLANX™:
The labor savings from PLANX quickly pays back the investment. For example, a one-setup, two-shift operation would have a typical payback period of just ten months. In addition, the post-payback savings are substantial and ongoing. For example, a 100’ table with 2 setups on 2 shifts will typically save $400,000 every year.
Every truss plant is different, however, as is every automated jigging installation. Your MiTek sales rep will be glad to help you examine all your unique factors – from jigging system configurations to monthly truss output to labor costs.
Return on Investment with PLANX™ and Laser:
Recent benchmark tests used a PLANX automated jigging system along with a Virtek TrussLine laser projection system. These combined systems cut the average build time to 2.7 minutes per truss.
A hypothetical high-volume plant using these two systems has the potential to more than quadruple its annual sales –from $1,976,000 to $8,536,320 -- by adding these two systems.
That assumes the plant is running two setups with one shift, with an average of six trusses per run, and with the trusses averaging 76 board feet and selling for $1.00 per board foot. It also assumes leasing a $320,000 PLANX system (with 50 jigging units) and a $147,350 fixed laser system at a monthly lease rate of 2.11 percent. The plant’s net profit is assumed to be five percent of total yearly sales.
Their yearly net to the bottom line would be $98,800 before adding the PLANX and laser. When this plant adds the PLANX and laser systems, however, the yearly net to their bottom line becomes $1,290,030. That’s more than a ten-fold increase!
Of course, your own results will be different, because every PLANX installation has its own individual variables. Your MiTek rep can help you size up these variables for your plant.

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