4 Key Advantages
When you look deeper, you’ll find that PLANX™ automated jigging has four key advantages:
Side-by-side puck design: Our pairs of pucks move on both sides of the steel plank. Since they’re not in the same slot, the puck mechanisms can “pass” each other. This lets you position more pucks where you need them most – pitch breaks, inside or outside chords – for today’s complicated trusses.
Adjusts for table inaccuracies: Other jigging systems do not truly account for the construction inaccuracies or installation variables of many tables. But PLANX software adjusts for every metric – both during in-plant setup and final table installation – as part of its truss jigging calculations. So the trusses you build are dead-on accurate.
Job Order Stacking: The office or the production control department can set the order in which trusses are built and their location on the table. They can organize a whole shift or a whole day’s worth of trusses, so the builders do not have to determine job selection and build order. This virtually eliminates the need for builders to operate the PLANX computer; they just select “next truss” and build.
Automatic puck position optimization: PLANX software automatically optimizes the position of the pucks on the truss design. So your crew doesn’t need to take extra time to ensure your truss definitions are secure and strong.

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