MiTek Machinery Assurance Program
Make your USED equipment perform like NEW with a used equipment service program.

You made a smart move when you bought your MiTek/Koskovich equipment, whether new or used. That’s why MiTek has introduced a service program to help you get the most productivity out of your valuable machinery assets.

In today’s market, you need to maintain maximum caution to survive, and tomorrow you’ll need maximum efficiency to thrive. A MiTek/Koskovich used equipment service program solves both problems. Veteran technicians will tune your equipment and establish good maintenance practices so you’re preserving your hard-won assets for today. And it will prepare you for higher productivity for tomorrow, by making your machinery operate at its peak performance.

As the economy rebounds, efficiency will still be crucial. Why? Because builders will continue to demand the lowest possible prices, because their prospects in turn are pushing them for low home prices. Your profitability will be dependent upon production efficiencies through the use of the equipment assets you own.

Installation Services
Whether you just bought a used piece of equipment or already own it, achieving its potential for your operation begins with proper installation. We then can verify its functionality. Our technicians are your best source to install and fine tune the machinery for reliability and function with factory replacement parts and performance calibration.
Any equipment from MiTek, The Koskovich Company, or Pacific Automation is eligible. We can install it or tune it to make your equipment perform at the peak capability for which it was designed.
Free Phone Support
When you purchase an installation service or a technician visit for any covered equipment, we’ll give that piece of equipment one full year of technical phone support for FREE.
  • Quick answers to equipment-specific questions, no matter how long you’ve owned it.
  • Staffed 8am to 5pm (Central Time) weekdays by expert MiTek/TKC support technicians.
  • 5% discount on MiTek/TKC replacement parts for covered equipment.
  • Diagnose most problems in a matter of minutes with phone support and technician help.
  • Online machines can be analyzed in real time and controlled remotely by our techs.
  • Optional maintenance contracts are available for the ultimate in protective maintenance services. See your MiTek Salesman or MiTek/TKC technician for details.
With this kind of support, you'll protect your equipment investment - and unleash the productivity of your whole plant.
For access to manuals, tips, training, and more, visit our MiTek Machinery Assurance Program web page at One year free technical phone support is available for the piece of equipment originally serviced or installed.

All our MiTek products and services - from strong connectors to powerful software to reliable engineering services - are designed to deliver results.  

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 This page last modified on 1/21/2009