Current Version - 4.1.41

Version History

  • Improvement - Wall Panel - Do not print the quantity if the file is an MIZ because all quantities are a value of one.
  • Fixed defect - Wall Panel - Any item placed directly next to a �� filler would be removed due to overlap.
  • Fixed defect - Wall Panel - Allow text print lines to be blank (lines that start with ` or ' or ").
  • Improvement - Wall Panel - Add angle print information when exporting a MIZ file and the import file was .XML
  • Fixed defect - Wall Panel - Fixed a problem where the left half stud was being printed as a 2x8 backer.
  • Fixed defect - Wall Panel - Fixed a problem where a small leading edge print area was chosen before a large trailing edge print area causing the print to be truncated unnecessarily.
  • Added Feature - Wall Panel - Remove angles to make wall angles square if the SquareCutOnly option is true.
  • Improvement - Flipped all the parts from top to bottom to show them in the orientation the MME has them outlined. (Australia)
  • Improvement - Added 2x2 to the lumber list.
  • Improvement - If AllowShortsDroppedInPan = True and the part is a wedge allow nesting.
  • Added Feature - Added the ability to print "Right" or "Left" (side of truss) on parts if Side tag in the XML file is populated with "Right" or Left".
  • Added Feature - Allow wedges longer than 12" to be nested.
  • Improvement - No printing will be placed if the print option is set to custom and all fields are set to none.
  • Added Feature - Will show the distance from the end of the board that the leading cuts of the part must be over in order to not be padded. This only shows on padded boards.
  • Improvement - The length of the last part placed on the board has been reduced in some cases.
  • Improvement - Will print the correct quantity if there are identical parts (including truss ID, description, and geometry) in a job.
  • Added Feature - Print on truss parts can be justified to the leading, trailing, or center of the part.
  • Added Feature - Edge print can now be viewed in the Part and Board Graphics tabs.
  • Improvement - Auto import will only import the following extensions: MIZ, XML, MME, OMN, CUT, and DAT.


  • Improvement - added check for all part quantites being equal to zero.
  • Improvement - improved error messages for startup errors.
  • Fixed defect - don't allow truss printing on the rear face of 2x3.
  • Added feature - allow custom print for wall panel parts


  • Improvement - Added the ability to parse a metric .miz file.
  • Improvement - Added PartType and Group to PartData tab.
  • Fixed defect - Writing out a wall panel mdb file from an imported xml file did not work properly.
  • Fixed defect - Could not parse an .omn file that had two heels when one was an on-center heel.
  • Improvement - Xml file tags were changed to be more generic for wall panel components.
  • Improvement - Added additional part types for wall panel parts.
  • Improvement - Added 150mm and 200mm lumber widths to valid sizes.
  • Fixed defect - xml file with wall panel print were processing angle print marks by adding in cuts.
  • Fixed defect - when there are three cuts on the leading edge of a short part that requires padding, the padding did not account for the entire length of the cut.
  • Fixed defect -was showing wrong stock width/thickness for larger sizes.
  • Fixed defect - When adding or editing a part, if the stock length was typed in instead of selected from the list it would not accept the correct value.
  • Fixed defect - Fixed defect - when writing an miz file, it requires at least one 8" part or greater on a board.
  • Fixed defect - Added part type 16e, which is a 4-angle web with positive/negative angle on leading edge, two postiive angles on trailing edge, seat and kingpost seat lengths.


  • Improvement - Increased maximum length penalty to ~20 feet.
  • Improvement - When keying in parts, can enter the height and width of the lumber as separate items.
  • Improvement - Added additional metric heights and widths of lumber for European sizes.
  • Improvement - (MiserII only) Increased the limit of allowable angles to include everything from 40-90 degrees (it was 45-90) for the simple angle when a bevel exists.
  • Fixed defect - the lengths of parts that had a cut quantity of zero were being included in the calculation for the length of parts required in the lumberyard. This could result in lumber being requested that is longer than that required.
  • Fixed defect - if parts were slightly over the length of the required lumber but the overall length rounded down to the even length, it would not show up as needed in the lumberyard.
  • Fixed defect - the cut order was getting changed when an xml file was re-optimized.
  • Fixed defect - In some cases multiple xml files could not be imported at the same time.
  • Fixed defect - kerf needs to be rounded to nearest .001 inch for Metric so that its consistent from optimization to saw. When this wasn't done, it was causing tolerancing issues at the saw.
  • Fixed defect - if more than two rear print fields existed in an miz file it caused a database error.


  • Added feature - can control whether or not bevels are allowed to be imported and whether or not they are removed from the board when the file is imported. See Tools/Options/General.
  • Added feature - added total cost to optimization results. See Optimization tab on main screen.
  • Added feature - added configuration item for an OmniMiser to allow wedges to be cut in the orientation that requires it to be dropped in the pan.
  • Fixed defect - updated a configuration setting to force parts shorter than 24" not to be allowed as the first part on an OmniMiser.
  • Fixed defect - when importing multiple xml files with truss features, the trusses would not be imported properly.
  • Fixed defect - the print text field could not be cleared.


  • Added feature - show print to board graphics.
  • Improvement - only add AGS (Assembly Guide System) data to boads longer than 24 inches.
  • Fixed defect - could not print AGS (Assembly Guide System) data on scissors heels.
  • Fixed defect - could not clear the print text field.
  • Fixed defect - in some cases, short parts were placed too close to the trailing edge for an OmniMiser which caused gripper errors.
  • Fixed defect - if the batching is turned off, the optimization would still batch if the batching data was included in the input file.
  • Fixed defect - if the parts were in batches and multiple files were imported, the batching data was lost.