The Proven Anti-Split Plate
Along thousands of miles of track, our anti-split plates have proven to the international railroad and end-plating industries, they have what it takes to go the distance.
Angled teeth with more bite, gives MiTek‚Äôs  anti-split plates the best tear resistance on treated wood crossties than any other plate in the industry!
They extend the life of crossties, switch ties, and bridge timbers while providing the ultimate in split and check resistance.
They meet or exceed specifications for Class 1, Short Line, and Metro railroads
Not All Anti-Split Plates Are Created Equal

The MiTek anti-split plates provide you with these important patented features:

  • Maximum Holding Power in End Grain
    - Flat plate ensures teeth will penetrate end of tie at proper angle with the longest tooth available in the industry!
  • Maximum Material Usage Provides Cost Savings and Increased Strength
    - 4.3 teeth per square inch (6 x 7" end plate)
    - 4.0 teeth per square inch (5 x 6" end plate)
  • Reduced Risk of Injury to Installers
    - Smooth perimeter with rounded corners
MiTek Anti-Split Plate

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