Automatic Tie End-Plating Aplication System
The patented* Plate-A-Tie® Automatic Tie End-Plating Application Systemhas been designed to efficiently end plate railroad crossties.  Designed with reliable, efficient performance in mind, our machines are requested by major railroad engineering departments as the approved method of application.  Exclusive design features include:
  • Adjustable for 8', 8'6" and 9' long
  • Proportional squeezing brings split ties back to their original size before pressing anti-split plate into ties.
  • Cost Savings:
    • Unique tie size arms automatically place appropriate plates in center of 6 x 8, 7 x 8, and 7 x 9 ties without the cost of sorting ties by size.
    • Eliminates the operation of manually hand-tacking end plates to tie ends.
  • Oil cooling and heating system keeps the machine running in harsh weather conditions.
  • Safety Feature:
    • Employees are no longer required to handle individual plates.  Plate-A-Tie® supplies pre-packed bundles of plates to be placed into hoppers. This will greatly reduce the possibility of injuries.

Major crosstie producers, after purchasing a Plate-A-Tie® product, have established new industry standards of lowering their production costs.  The new equipment enables them to end plate ties at a much faster production rate than traditional methods.

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 This page last modified on 1/19/2009