VNC (MiTek Helpdesk) and Team Viewer.

  Team Viewer:

·         Like with VNC the client must call the relevant MiTek staff member who has Team Viewer installed on his/her computer for them to assist the client.

·         The client must download
       and run this on their machine

·         The version of Team Viewer that we have a license for is V3.5.4140.

·         The client activates the Team Viewer on his computer.

·         The MiTek staff member will then ask for the users ID and also the password.

·         The password changes when the session is terminated and is never the same.

·         The client as well as the Mitek staff member will see authorization taking place and like VNC the client’s desktop will appear on the MiTek staff member’s computer.

·         Files can also be transferred via Team Viewer.

·         The client doesn’t have to have a license for Team Viewer but will need the teamviewerQS.exe on his desktop or local disk drive for him to activate Team Viewer.

·         To terminate the session the client or MiTek staff member simply exits the application.

·         When this is done the password resets to a new password and the old one cannot be used again.
VNC (MiTek Helpdesk):

·         The Client must have the following program downloaded and installed on their machine


·         The client must call MiTek and tell the relevant person that he/she needs help via the MiTek Helpdesk.

·         The Helpdesk computer must be in Listening mode.

·         The client then chooses the region that he/she is in and simple double click on the region.

·         The MiTek Helpdesk person will wait for the request to come through via VNC.

·         The MiTek Helpdesk person simply clicks on the yes prompt to answer the incoming request and the user’s (client) computer/desktop will appear on the Helpdesk computer for the MiTek Helpdesk person to take control over the client’s computer.

·         There must be a telephone next to the VNC computer so that the Helpdesk person can talk to the client on the other side.

·         When the session has finished the client or Helpdesk person simply exit’s the application and this will terminate the session.