"We have such an unlimited possibility in front of us for growth."

Mark was a successful executive leadership coach for over a decade.

“What a great culture we have, but also what a great high-performing company we are as well.”

Tom is heavily involved in fitness and participates in Crossfit®

"I think happy people are more productive, more collaborative, and it equates into a better bottom line."

Terry is a CPA who serves on the finance committees of his children's school and his church.

"I think people are looking for meaning in the work that they do."

Bonnie has 3 dogs: Isabelle Victoria, Cinderella Louise, and Beauregard Jefferson.

"Our people care more because they know they're cared about."

Chris loves playing and coaching soccer.

"Everything our developers do is directly tied to something that our customers desperately want, need or must have."

Rob is a citizen of three countries: New Zealand, Ireland and the U.S.

  • Mark Thom

    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

  • Tom Valvo

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Terry McGrath

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Bonnie Daniels

    SVP, Culture and People Services

  • Chris Hollander

    SVP, Corporate Growth

  • Rob Hooker

    SVP, Enterprise Software Solutions



Over 70 Years of Building the Building Industry

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