Home Plan Design Optimization Service

Upstream support to promote better design collaboration

Home Plan Design Optimization (HPDO) service identifies opportunities for builders to reduce on-site labor, costs, and overall cycle times by planning components at design. 

Evaluation of builder plans with component manufacturer partners to determine optimization opportunities 

Skilled support to leverage off-site components that improve the design and total cost

Collaborative mechanical, electrical, plumbing, architectural and framing system optimization 

Enhanced detailing and framing BIM support to improve on-site assembly instructions

Leverages a digital design and cost analysis approach to compare structural solution options easily 

Experience a virtual walkthrough to visualize optimizations in real-time 

Open Web OptimizationStructural Design OptimizationWhole Home Optimization
Framing layout plans and installation details
Calculation package for alternative system and a summary of options
Control and innovative BIM models
Basic HVAC (i.e., supple and return) and plumbing (i.e. DWV) layouts

Are you ready to plan for components during design?

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