New-School Construction Methods

Tap into innovative solutions for the next generation of student-inspired structures.

Staying Ahead of the Class

Technology use in the classroom, remote and hybrid learning experiences, seamless technology integration, better collaboration, hospitality-inspired residence facilities, flexible spaces, and minimizing disruption on active campuses are just a few of the challenges that impact education facilities.


Our approach transforms and enhances the design/build model with software- and automation-enabled off-site construction and advanced collaboration tools that enable greater efficiency, quality, and profitability.

Design Make Build - A image divided into three parts with the first showing a 3D model, the second showing off-site construction with a person buldign a truss and the third showing a prefabricated wall being hoisted into place


Get the software and services you need to scale quickly and manage pre-construction estimating, design, and administrative challenges.

Engineered Systems & Products


Optimize your build schedule and reduce your risk with advanced products, software, and services that eliminate waste, improve productivity, and leverage the power of off-site solutions to build better.

Engineered Systems & Products
MiTek Data Entry Administration Services - Woman and man in office handing paperwork

Data Entry & Administration

MiTek Execution Management Services - Two men at standing desk working on estimating

Execution Management

MiTek Project Management Services - Man and woman sitting at desk working at a computer

Project Management

MiTek Resources Training Quality Control Management Services - Two men standing at desk looking over drawings

Resource Training, Quality Control & Management

A Better Way to Build

Interested in transforming the way you
design, make, or build?

MiTek’s next-generation construction technologies include advanced planning and design software, dedicated and on-demand services to extend your team, solutions for off-site modular construction and componentization, and trusted engineered connections and systems. Save time, increase efficiency, and improve profitability with a better way to build.

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