Multifaceted Solutions for Multi-Family Construction

Meet the need for affordable, resilient housing with dynamic construction tools and services.

Changing Needs

Multi-Family housing is undergoing a significant transition. New renters and buyers are entering the market. New demands have shifted much of the market from urban cores to the exurbs as renters desire larger living spaces at affordable prices. In population-dense regions, large cities continue to grow larger, and demand for affordable and resilient housing is constant. Every day, multi-family builders and developers bring flexibility and innovative building methods to solve these challenges.


Our approach transforms and enhances the design/build model with software- and automation-enabled off-site construction and advanced collaboration tools that enable greater efficiency, quality, and profitability.

Design Make Build - A image divided into three parts with the first showing a 3D model, the second showing off-site construction with a person buldign a truss and the third showing a prefabricated wall being hoisted into place


Get the software and services you need to scale quickly and manage pre-construction estimating, design, and administrative challenges.

Engineered Systems & Products

2D Drafting

3D Modeling

3D Scan & Documenting


Design Support


Energy Modeling


HVAC Design Services

Innovation & Development

Structural Value Engineering / Innovation



Harness the power of prefabrication and advanced components and kits to streamline your off-site and on-site productivity.

Automation Solutions
Engineered Systems & Products

Prefabrication Component Design


Optimize your build schedule and reduce your risk with advanced products, software, and services that eliminate waste, improve productivity, and leverage the power of off-site solutions to build better.

Engineered Systems & Products

Data Entry & Administration

Execution Management

Project Management

Resource Training, Quality Control & Management

A Better Way to Build

Interested in transforming the way you
design, make, or build?

MiTek is working alongside the multi-family industry to create the next generation of building technology. With advanced planning and design software, services that let you cost-effectively scale your team, precision-crafted off-site construction technology, and trusted engineered products for both wood and metal construction, we help enable better housing and better profits.

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