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The MiTek® Truss Validator™ is a quick feedback tool, informing the user of the feasible use of open web floor and roof component trusses given a user specified span, depth, on center spacing, building code, uniform load, deflection ratio, and wood species. Any additional parameters are excluded as this tool uses a set of common system defaults. The production of an appropriately engineered open web floor component truss requires detailed specifications performed with MiTek® Structure™’s design engine for component trusses. Results produced from this feasibility tool should be viewed as a starting point towards designing appropriately engineered open web component trusses, but not a substitute. It is the responsibility of the engineer to determine the most viable and appropriate solution based on an evaluation of the building and the trusses at issue. Project and contact information input for the detailed truss report will be collected by MiTek® for product improvement and project support and be used by MiTek® to improve this product and other MiTek® products, services, offerings, and analytics in the building industry. Although MiTek® collects input information (discussed below) regarding potential projects, MiTek® cannot and does not validate the accuracy or propriety of any specific input provided. The accuracy or propriety of such input is at the sole discretion of the user. MiTek® further cannot and does not track, assess, or inquire as to whether inputted truss designs will be used for any specific job at any location at any time.

Introducing MiTek® Truss Validator™

A free tool for engineers and architects to confidently validate the feasibility of floor trusses manufactured using MiTek’s industry-leading solutions.


To begin, select your project parameters and press “Validate Truss” to verify the feasibility of a floor truss. Then click “Detailed Report” for a report to be created and sent to your e-mail for you to share with your team.

Functionality of this tool is limited to clear span trusses and uniform loading at this time. The MiTek Truss Validator provides feasibility guidance as a starting point for truss design. MiTek can help find Component Manufacturers in your area to continue your design process.

Wood Web Floor Truss

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