The Solutions to Transform Building

The unique challenges of construction require exceptional solutions. We partner across the building supply chain to provide products, services, software and solutions that enhance efficiency, quality and profitability.

Whether you are building homes for residential use or industrial properties, we have solutions that can transform the way you design, make and build.


Moving into a new home is an important milestone for many people – a step towards a brighter future. For the home building industry, the future has never looked more promising or more likely to evolve.

For over 50 years, MiTek has supported the building of single family homes with labour and time-saving solutions to reduce overheads and enable you to build a better business.

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Around the world, there is an urgent demand for affordable, sustainable and resilient housing options for multiple occupancy. Developers and builders of multi-residency buildings are uniquely positioned to fill this need and reap the benefits.

Over the years, MiTek has supported multi-residency building developers and builders with products and solutions that help build better housing quickly, sustainably and profitably. Today, MiTek works with partners to help create the next generation of building technology.

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Commercial Office

With a significant change to the commercial office and retail industries, developers, designers and builders have had to adapt quickly.

These changes demand new ways of thinking and a better way to build. MiTek’s range of solutions can help you build more confidently and efficiently.

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Building Industries served by MiTek - The exterior of MiTek’s head Commercial Office building in St Louis, Missouri

Warehouse & Distribution

The race to get online orders to customers as fast as possible is only getting faster. As consumer expectations rise and e‑commerce companies evolve to keep up, builders must quickly adapt to meet their needs.

Builders worldwide rely on MiTek to deliver structural and mezzanine solutions that enable them to design and build logistics and warehouse facilities with speed and confidence.

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Building Solutions offered by MiTek - The exterior of a distribution warehouse

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