Automated Solutions

Integrated Solutions for Off-Site Construction

Increase plant efficiency, reduce labour costs and offer predictable performance with off-site solutions and prefabrication technology. Achieve higher productivity and profitability for your business and deliver consistent, high-quality products for your customers.


MiTek’s wood processing equipment helps you achieve unmatched reliability and accuracy with your Posi-Joists, roof trusses and wall panels.

Easy-Cut 800

Advanced 800mm diameter single cutting blade saw with a three or four axis controller.

Easy-Cut 800/828 PLUS

Advanced, fully automatic 800mm single blade saw with a three or four axis controller, networked to allow files to be sent direct to the saw.

Easy-Cut 4 Saw

Power-assisted, manually set up four blade component saw.

Material Handling

An efficient off-site component manufacturing operation requires integrated systems that can keep up with demand shift after shift. MiTek’s material handling solutions are fast and effective, so your productivity never slows down.

MiTek Blade Screwed Conveyor Automated Solutions - Blew Screwed conveyor in warehouse facility

BLADE Skewed Conveyor

Further automate the outfeed and sorting process for the MatchPoint® BLADE™ system by funneling cut parts to one of several different chutes and holding them there until offloaded as a group.

MiTek Component Delivery System Automated Solutions - Component delivery system in use moving lumber in warehouse

Component Delivery System

A component delivery system (CDS) that raises the level of outfeed automation for the MatchPoint® BLADE™ system by delivering each part to the assembly tables without the need for manual sorting.

MiTek Stand Alone Conveyor Automated Solutions - Team working on stand-alone conveyor

Stand-Alone Conveyor

Transport large assemblies to the next stage in the building process.

MiTek Floor Truss Stacker Automated Solutions - Floor truss stacker moving floor trusses

Floor Truss Stacker

The best solution for safely stacking floor trusses.

MiTek Horizontal Stacker Automated Solutions - Horizontal stacker moving wooden trusses

Horizontal Stacker

Stack trusses horizontally (flat), reducing truss handling and minimizing the possibility of damage.

MiTek Peak Up Stacker Automated Solutions - Peak trusses being stacked

Peak-Up Stacker

Space-saving stacking solution.


Bring it all together with tables, jigging, lasers and more for seamless roof truss, Posi-Joist and wall panel assembly.

Virtek Laser System

A trussline laser projection system that reduces setup and changeover time by up to 70% and increases productivity by up to 25% with less skilled labour.

MK1 Press with EasyJig Tables

Fast, efficient single 30 tonne press head with EasyJig tables.

MK1 Light

Light, versatile single-cylinder press with 25 tonne pressing capabilities.

MK1 Baby Press

Small and compact 15 tonne single cylinder press, ideal where space is limited.

MK8C Boom and A-frame Gantry Press

A versatile truss manufacturing press mounted on an I beam, or on an A frame I beam, with ‘C’ clamp hydraulic press.

Posi Manual

Quick, easy and robust multi-purpose press for any type of parallel chord truss up to 550mm in height.

Post Strut-Runner

Semi-automatic with intelligent electronic ‘teach’ system to automatically repeat pressing sequence.

High Speed Posi Press

Patented vertical pressing station with CNC controlled positioning for precise and accurate placement.

Splice Press

Robust and easy way to splice timbers together in the factory.

A Better Way to Build

Transform the way you design, make, and build

For more than 50 years, MiTek has supported builders with labour and time-saving solutions to reduce overhead and enable you to build a better business. You can overcome whatever the market brings with advanced planning and design software, services that extend your team, automation solutions for off-site construction and trusted engineered connections and systems from MiTek.

Are you ready to increase reliability, flexibility and productivity throughout your component manufacturing operation?

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