Transforming How the World Designs, Makes, and Builds

We enable the delivery of exceptionally streamlined builds, offering higher quality, increased speed, less waste, and more value for everyone involved. Design-Make-Build™ is a collaborative construction process that optimizes building by designing for off-site components earlier to achieve maximum outcomes in all phases of the building process.

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Better Building with Homebuilding Solutions

To meet growing sustainability demands for housing, we believe in building lasting relationships and innovative technologies to continuously build better. We engineer better building methods across the building industry and help connect the construction value chain for more accessible, quality, resilient and sustainable homes.

Homebuilding Solutions

Building Productivity with Mezzanine Solutions

MiTek is a global specialist in the design and installation of future-proof steel mezzanine solutions. We are your experienced partner when it comes to the integration of automated technologies and the realisation of large or complex projects.

Mezzanine Solutions

Building Transformation

The building industry faces shortages of skilled labor, materials, and energy. But there is a better way. We can reduce waste and increase value by shifting processes from on-site to off-site and moving decisions from the physical world to a virtual one.

Warehouse & Distribution
Commercial Office

Industries Served

Single-Family, Streamlined

Supporting single-family construction with labour and time-saving solutions that reduce overhead to enable you to build a better business.


Industries Served

Multifaceted Solutions for Multi-Family Construction

Advanced planning and design software, cost-effective services to scale your team, precision-crafted off-site construction technology and trusted engineered products to enable better housing and better profits.

Industries Served

Solutions That Deliver

Warehouse builders worldwide rely on MiTek to deliver structural and mezzanine solutions that enable them to design and build with speed and confidence.

Building Industries served by MiTek - The exterior of MiTek’s head Commercial Office building in St Louis, Missouri
Building Industries served by MiTek - The exterior of MiTek’s head Commercial Office building in St Louis, Missouri

Industries Served

Agile Solutions for a Dynamic Market

Overcome the change in the fast-moving commercial office and retail industries while saving time, increasing efficiency and improving profitability through a better way to build.

Proven Solutions

Innovations You Can Build On

By combining engineered products with software, services and automation we empower owners, architects, builders and manufacturers to collaborate —applying repeatable, scalable, and intelligent processes that unlock value and profit in every project.

MiTek is a construction technology leader on a mission to advance the adoption of off-site construction.