Engineered Systems & Products

Advanced Solutions for Accelerated Building

Access a full range of engineered solutions that can transform the way you build. Reduce your project and labor costs, minimise waste and deliver more efficiency and quality to the job sites.

Truss Systems

Whether you are building with wood or steel, you can benefit from the efficiency of prefabricated floor and roof truss solutions. Reduce construction time while increasing structural integrity and maintaining design flexibility. 


Combine the lightness of timber with the strength of the Posi-Strut steel web to span greater distances and allow easy access for services and MVHR systems.


Increase wood floor truss performance with clear span flexibility, building design freedom, and easy access for plumbing and electrical installations.

Roof Truss

A practical and versatile, fully engineered structure that typically delivers material savings of up to 40% less timber.

Ultra-Span® Roof Truss

Build stronger, longer-lasting, and more resilient structures with the strength of our cold-formed steel roof trusses.


Parallel chord trusses plated together with Posi-Strut metal webs, stronger than solid timber rafters and can span further with less internal support.


Increase wood floor truss performance with clear span flexibility, building design freedom, and easy access for plumbing and electrical installations.

Connector Plates

Where it all started: MiTek has been manufacturing dependable, quality connector plates since 1955.

Builder’s Products

Durable, load tested, easy to use fasteners, fixings and anchors.

Mezzanine Systems

Our custom-engineered mezzanine structures transform as your business evolves. Designed and manufactured for strength and longevity to save you cost. From conventional to complex systems, build up instead of building out with an integrated mezzanine solution that fits your existing industrial, distribution or manufacturing facility. All our solutions are finished with the best options in the industry.

Standard Mezzanine

Our high-quality steel mezzanines are reliable, durable and versatile and are available as hybrid, hot- and cold-rolled steel. Lightweight mezzanines are designed for fast installation, and are compatible with robotics and AGVs.

Mezzanine 7

The ultimate solution providing seven times more strength than standard mezzanine systems. This patented solution future-proofs your structure and is compatible with robotics and AGVs.

Particle board

Cost-effective, versatile, quick to install and holds high point loads. Available with different finishes to top and/or underside for water-resistance, anti-slip, wear resistance, anti-static and fire retardant.

Composite decking

Rigorously tested, durable and resistant in a variety of environments including robotics/AGV solutions.

Steel plate / Durbar

Exceptionally strong and durable for floors that need to cope with high loads. Fire-resistant, anti-slip and corrosion-resistant. Available in a range of finishes.

Mesh grating (Steel / GRD)

Enables a flow of light, heat, air, sound or water. Often used with sprinklers, strong and durable, low maintenance and has anti-slip properties. Popular option for staircase treads.

MiTek C34 handrail

Eliminate potential fall hazards with a continuous handrail system for use on staircases and floors.

MiTek B34 handrail

Easy to install ball-type handrail posts and handrails that meet prevailing building standards and regulations.

MiTek S32 handrail

Functional and smart, MiTek S32 integrates handrail and toe plate into the handrail post. Tailorable for several warehouse and industrial applications.


Adaptable, general access staircases and utility (industrial) staircases that can be installed in addition for escape routes or for maintenance access.


Vertical escape and cat ladders, and companionway ladders available to meet a range of different requirements, suited to protect the safety of employees in where space is limited.

Step overs

Customised, tailor-made step over platforms for a safe way to cross obstacles like industrial machinery, pipes or conveyors.

Pallet Gates

All gates fit seamlessly into the mezzanine edge protection to provide a safe yet practical way to move goods between different floor levels.

Column Protectors

Protect key mezzanine columns and beams in a choice of plastic, steel and soft wrap protectors, available in a range of high-vis colours, especially where trolleys, forklifts and other vehicles are used.

A Better Way to Build

Transform the way you design, make, and build

For more than 50 years, MiTek has supported builders with labour and time-saving solutions to reduce overhead and enable you to build a better business. You can overcome whatever the market brings with advanced planning and design software, services that extend your team, automation solutions for off-site construction and trusted engineered connections and systems from MiTek.

Are you ready to leverage innovative building solutions to increase efficiency, build resiliency and reduce costs?

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