Single-Family, Streamlined

Build with the software, services, and systems to capitalize on a strong and evolving market.

A Market that Demands Muscle

New single-family construction is expected to reach nearly one trillion dollars over the next four years in the U.S. alone. Despite this upside, single-family homebuilders face significant challenges, including rising material costs and shortages, labor shortages, compressed timelines and budgets, an aging workforce, disruption from transformative technology, and alternative business models like build-to-rent.


Our approach transforms and enhances the design/build model with software- and automation-enabled off-site construction and advanced collaboration tools that enable greater efficiency, quality, and profitability.

Design Make Build - A image divided into three parts with the first showing a 3D model, the second showing off-site construction with a person buldign a truss and the third showing a prefabricated wall being hoisted into place


Get the software and services you need to scale quickly and manage pre-construction estimating, design, and administrative challenges.



Dramatically reduce your drafting time by automating the creation of lot-specific and master plan sets. Generate detailed BOMs in minutes – not hours or days. It’s all your options – and options-on-options – drawn once.

Builder Products App

The free MiTek® Builder Products app features new product and application illustrations, installation instructions, updated fastening schedules, load ratings, and reference conversion. EWP and plated truss connectors included.

CFS Designer

An interactive web-based program to enter geometry and loading for vertically stacked CFS Moment Frames.

Kova™ Trace

Tailored123 for production homebuilders, Kova Trace estimating software automates your estimating processes with easy-to-use tracer and Excel-based templates and assemblies to create accurate material lists quickly.

MiTek Deck Designer™

A free online interactive software with a simple, easy-to-use menu for anyone – from the beginner homeowner to the professional deck builder.

MiTek Specifier™

Designed for Engineers and Estimators, MiTek® Specifier™ software simplifies access to information on thousands of MiTek Structural Connectors.

MiTek Supply

Designed to meet the needs of building materials suppliers, MiTek Supply is a one-stop-shop 3D modeling and estimating application that generates a comprehensive and up-to-date Bill of Materials.

Wrightsoft® HVAC Design Software

A fully integrated residential and commercial CAD solution that simplifies load calculations, system design, parts takeoff lists, operational costs, and more.

MiTek 2D Drafting Service - Portion of a 2D blueprint

2D Drafting

3D Modeling

MiTek 3D Scan Documenting - Black and white cutaway of a scanned, three-story building

3D Scan & Documenting

MiTek BIM Services - 3D BIM model of a house


MiTek Design Support Services - Man sitting at desk working at computer with 3D model on the display

Design Support

MiTek Detailing Services - Man sitting at desk looking at at detail drawings


MiTek Energy Modeling Services - Screenshot of energy modeling software

Energy Modeling

MiTek Estimating Services - Person sitting at desk in an office working on estimating software


MiTek HVAC Design Services - Screenshot of HVAC Design software

HVAC Design Services

MiTek Innovation Development Services - Man and woman at desk with a computer looking at 3D model of a building

Innovation & Development

MiTek Structural Value Engineering Innovation Services - Two man at desk working at a computer

Structural Value Engineering / Innovation

MiTek Visualization Services - Two 3D avatars standing in an AR jobsite



Harness the power of prefabrication and advanced components and kits to streamline your off-site and on-site productivity.

Automation Solutions
Engineered Systems & Products

Auto 8/10™ Platen Press

A platen press that offers extremely fast pressing and travel times.

BLADE Skewed Conveyor

Further automate the outfeed and sorting process for the MatchPoint® BLADE™ system by funneling cut parts to one of several different chutes and holding them there until offloaded as a group.

Cyber A/T®

Fast, accurate setups, consistent position resolution.

Finish Roller II

Embeds plates as the second stage in a 2-stage pressing process.

Floor Truss Stacker

Reduce cost of damage and repairs to your finished trusses with the powerful, automated lifting automation.

FT Splicer™

A small rotary-feed press for splicing short lumber lengths together.

Horizontal Stacker

Stack trusses horizontally (flat), reducing truss handling and minimizing the possibility of damage.

Hornet Saw

Increase Wall Panel Productivity with high-quality layout, inking, and parts cutting.

Jack Table™ Platen Press

Complement your larger lines with a flexible and speedy platen press.

MatchPoint® BLADE™

A complete wood processing system that is fast and flexible.

MatchPoint® DirectDrive™

An integrated and automated system that increases the productivity of roof truss component manufacturing.

MatchPoint® PDS Tables

Tables for MiTek roller presses that easily accept Wizard PDS™ automated jigging.

Panels Plus™ Wall Equipment

A full line of wall panel equipment for faster, more efficient production.

Peak-Up Stacker

Space-saving stacking solution.

RailRider® Pro

Designed specifically for floor truss assembly, this press accomplishes 100% plate embedment on each pass.

RANGER™ Retrieval System

Feed your MatchPoint® BLADE™ saws while decreasing costs and improving efficiency.

RoofTracker III™ Roller Gantry

A high-powered roller press that presses the top and bottom plates in a single pass.

Stand-Alone Conveyor

Transport large assemblies to the next stage in the building process.

Twin Axis™ Sheathing Saw

A specialized saw for cutting wall panel sheathing.

Wizard PDS®

Eliminate the bottleneck in your truss assembly process.

Virtek™ TrussLine

Reduce setup and changeover time by up to 70% and increase productivity by up to 25% with less skilled labor.

Connector Plates

Where it all started: MiTek has been manufacturing dependable, quality connector plates since 1955.

Floor Cassettes

Floor truss systems with the MEP installed in each truss at the time of manufacturing. Components and MEP are then hoisted in place and quickly connected on-site for efficient and precise construction.


Increase wood floor truss performance with clear span flexibility, building design freedom, and easy access for plumbing and electrical installations.

MiTek Structure

Built for component manufacturers, MiTek® Structure delivers powerful structural modeling, editing, and estimating functionality.


Report, track, and schedule with MiTek Virtual Plant software for the production shop floor.

MiTek Prefabrication Component Design Services - Person sitting at desk with computer working on design software

Prefabrication Component Design


Optimize your build schedule and reduce your risk with advanced products, software, and services that eliminate waste, improve productivity, and leverage the power of off-site solutions to build better.

Engineered Systems & Products

CFS Frames

A complete line of lateral force resisting products that meet all needs of wood-framed construction in residential and light commercial projects. MiTek Lateral systems provide solutions ranging from structural connectors to custom engineered special moment frames and include our industry-leading Cold-Formed Steel structural frames and shear wall systems.

Connector Plates

Where it all started: MiTek has been manufacturing dependable, quality connector plates since 1955.


A full range of structurally rated fasteners for wood frame structures.

Floor Cassettes

Floor truss systems with the MEP installed in each truss at the time of manufacturing. Components and MEP are then hoisted in place and quickly connected on-site for efficient and precise construction.

Moment Frames

A state-of-the-art, design optimization service for lateral systems that reduces tonnage, minimizes required connections, and accelerates erection times.


Increase wood floor truss performance with clear span flexibility, building design freedom, and easy access for plumbing and electrical installations.

Shear Wall System

Optimize your build with cost-effective and narrow prefabricated shear wall panels.

Stabilizer Brace

A permanent lateral truss bracing system that, unlike traditional temporary wood bracing, saves labor and lumber costs and eliminates the need to remove temporary methods.

Structural Connectors

A comprehensive line of structural connectors and hardware that ensures stronger connections across the entire structure optimized for safety and code compliance.

TRITON™ Watertight System

Our powerful all-in-one bathroom and wet area waterproofing system includes everything you need for a watertight installation, including a waterproof backer board, waterproof membrane and accessories, and a pre-sloped shower pan.

Kova ERP

Access flawless, actionable business intelligence and eliminate the frustration of managing multiple digital solutions with the option-on-option ERP solution in a single database configurable to your business needs.

MiTek Management™

Manages all Component Manufacturing business processes from sales, estimating, design, production, delivery for trusses, walls, beams, EWP, and services. MiTek Management™ is responsible for scheduling and tracking operations utilizing a simple dashboard in a single system for pricing, production, and deliveries.

MiTek Data Entry Administration Services - Woman and man in office handing paperwork

Data Entry & Administration

MiTek Execution Management Services - Two men at standing desk working on estimating

Execution Management

MiTek Project Management Services - Man and woman sitting at desk working at a computer

Project Management

MiTek Resources Training Quality Control Management Services - Two men standing at desk looking over drawings

Resource Training, Quality Control & Management

A Better Way to Build

Interested in transforming the way you design, make, or build?

For more than 50 years, MiTek has supported single-family construction with labor and time-saving solutions to reduce overhead and enable you to build a better business. You can overcome whatever the market brings with advanced planning and design software, services that extend your team, automation solutions for off-site construction, and trusted engineered connections and systems from MiTek.

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