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Build warehouse and logistics facilities with speed and sophistication.

Accelerated Expectations

The need for faster delivery has been accelerated by a world that is vastly more reliant on large online retailers. This demand requires more facilities closer to the last mile and better structures and technology to move goods through the logistics process. To accomplish this, the modern warehouse features automated storage and retrieval systems with elevated mezzanine structures to support complex racking and conveyor systems. Keeping up means constantly developing new skills and bringing a creative, flexible approach to build these complicated structures rapidly.


Our approach transforms and enhances the design/build model with software- and automation-enabled off-site construction and advanced collaboration tools that enable greater efficiency, quality, and profitability.

Design Make Build - A image divided into three parts with the first showing a 3D model, the second showing off-site construction with a person buldign a truss and the third showing a prefabricated wall being hoisted into place


Get the software and services you need to scale quickly and manage pre-construction estimating, design, and administrative challenges.

Engineered Systems & Products

2D Drafting

MiTek 3D Modeling Service - 3D render of a two story modern home

3D Modeling

MiTek 3D Scan Documenting - Black and white cutaway of a scanned, three-story building

3D Scan & Documenting

MiTek BIM Services - 3D BIM model of a house


MiTek Detailing Services - Man sitting at desk looking at at detail drawings


MiTek Design Support Services - Man sitting at desk working at computer with 3D model on the display

Design Support

MiTek Energy Modeling Services - Screenshot of energy modeling software

Energy Modeling

MiTek Estimating Services - Person sitting at desk in an office working on estimating software


MiTek HVAC Design Services - Screenshot of HVAC Design software

HVAC Design Services

MiTek Innovation Development Services - Man and woman at desk with a computer looking at 3D model of a building

Innovation & Development

MiTek Structural Value Engineering Innovation Services - Two man at desk working at a computer

Structural Value Engineering / Innovation

MiTek Visualization Services - Two 3D avatars standing in an AR jobsite


A Better Way to Build

Interested in transforming the way you
design, make, or build?

Warehouse builders worldwide rely on MiTek to deliver structural and mezzanine solutions that enable them to design and build with speed and confidence. We use advanced planning and design software, engineering and administrative services, off-site construction solutions, and advanced engineered products and systems to help you unlock profit and outbuild the competition.

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