The difference between initial cost &  total value 


Faster cycle times.

A 25% reduction in materials.

30x less waste.

See everything Open Web can do.


Assembled Open Web Floor Trusses on site for install

Margins Maximized

Optimize your home plans with floor trusses and save significant time and money down the line – including faster cycle times and 30x less waste than I-Joists or dimensional lumber.

Open Web Floor Truss in the home, accommodating MEP installation with ease

Wide Open

I-joists often require field cutting and force MEP installers to bend and twist their work to fit the space. Open Web Floor Trusses are right-sized – every time – for a faster fit. And MEP installers have all the space they need to work smarter and faster.

Open Web Floor Trusses bring stability and minimize bounce, shrinking, and warping

Stand Strong

Install straighter, more stable floors with less bounce – while also minimizing shrinking, warping, and creaking.

An Open Web Floor Truss on site, lifted by a crane in the sunshine

Spans that Liberate

Open Web Floor Trusses give you greater design freedom by reducing the need for bearing walls, beams, columns, and footings.

Why Easy is the Enemy

MiTek’s Phil Harms and Stephen Keller discuss the limitations that come along with conventional flooring products — and how a little effort to switch can go a long way for your business.

Design to Optimize

Look past what you’ve always done and see what you could be doing with Open Web.