BCMC | FS  2023

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Integrated Solutions for More Growth

As a component manufacturer, you enable better building. As a partner to CMs across the country, MiTek does the same — from advanced design software and automated production equipment to innovative and integrated technologies that lead to a more profitable and stable future for your business.

MiTek solutions give CMs the efficiency to rise above labor and market challenges, so you’re always ready to meet demand head-on. Let’s lay the foundation to scale your success.

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This year, at BCMC | FS 2023

Visit us in booth #1103 to see hands-on displays and how MiTek’s integrated solutions help you deliver more value to your customers.

MiTek Booth #1103

A map of MiTek's booth at 2023 BCMC | FS, showing the zone for Engineered Products - Floors and Walls

Engineered Products: Floors and Walls

Access a full range of engineered components to deliver solutions that transform how your customers build.

See our floor and wall production solutions, with informational videos and collateral to help you understand their advanced features.

Walk around our floor cassette to better understand messaging and promotions we’re using with builders to drive business to you.

MiTek Booth #1103

A map of MiTek's booth at 2023 BCMC | FS, showing the Software zone


Maximize productivity with industry-leading structural design and operations management software

Speak to one of our experts at the several software demo stations* we will have set up to learn about solutions that help you improve your business.

CM Software Suite:

  • MiTek Structure
  • MiTek Production
  • MiTek Management
  • MiTek Supply

Additional, focused training sessions available for truss design.*

MiTek Booth #1103

A map of MiTek's booth at 2023 BCMC | FS, showing the Automated Solutions zone

Automated Solutions

Increase plant efficiency and reduce labor requirements.

Learn more about how integrated automation solutions can completely amp up your business. See our machinery set-up, in-person, with informational videos to learn about their advanced features and how these machines can work together in a connected MatchPoint DirectDrive system.

MiTek Booth #1103

A map of MiTek's booth at 2023 BCMC | FS, showing the Services zone


Expand your capabilities in design, estimating, and more.

Speak with our Solution Architects and hear more about their process to recommend a custom plant layout that maximizes your efficiency, through our Plant Optimization Services.

Discover how our Dedicated Services team operates like a member of your staff, adding skilled expertise to your capabilities.

Presentation Schedule

Hear from experts, peers, and industry leaders on a variety of topics to help you grow your business and profits. Join us in the MiTek booth for a full schedule of engaging events.

Join us for an exciting presentation as we discuss new automation solutions, capabilities, and technologies to help you meet demands now and in the future. From machinery to integrated software and solutions that lead to more profitable and stable outcomes for your business, we will discuss how MiTek is investing in automation technology, support, and more to help you scale your success. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into our vision for the future and how we remain committed to moving the industry forward. 

Join us for an informative presentation where we will delve into the value of open web floor trusses and the growth opportunity it presents in the market. Hear from a CM panel as they explain why expanding into a floor truss manufacturing is advantageous for your business, including how diversifying in floors with open web floor trusses—in addition to EWP—can complement and enhance your offerings instead of replacing them. Also, learn about our pull-through approach with builders to grow a stronger adoption of floor trusses in opportunity markets. Get an overview of the pull-through opportunity with builders to grow floor truss adoption in your area. 

Join us as we discuss why now is the best time to move to MiTek® Structure with Integrated Truss Design to utilize the industry’s latest structural modeling, editing, and estimating functionality. In this session, we will explore why upgrading to MiTek Structure with Integrated Truss Design is a game changer for your business. We will cover how it simplifies your workflow, improves accuracy, saves time and money, and ultimately helps you deliver exceptional results to your clients. This is not just another software upgrade; it is a chance to join the ranks of industry leaders who are leveraging the power of innovation to shape the future of truss design. Start the flexible conversion process today!

Join us for an insightful presentation as we talk about MiTek’s enabling initiatives aimed at revolutionizing the design and engineering landscape. Our focus is on strengthening collaboration between architects, engineers, and builders to create seamless design outcomes that propel demand through manufacturing to the construction phase. Learn how this influence can improve design collaboration and results for your business. 

Ready to revolutionize your manufacturing process? And boost efficiency without extra hours or labor? Join us as we discuss the value of MiTek’s Plant Optimization Service and how our Solutions Architects provide a tailored solution—unique to your requirements—to enhance your plant layout, reduce waste, and supercharge labor efficiency. 

The construction industry faces a dire labor shortage. Join Mollie Elkman, author, The House that She Built, and the Home Builders Institute in the MiTek booth on Wednesday, September 20 at 3:30 for an insightful discussion that will feature strategies, best practices, and innovative approaches to secure and diversify the future building labor force.

Mollie will autograph books after the session.

Image of a MiTek presenter speaking before a crowd at IBS 2023

Presentation Schedule

In the center of our booth, we will be holding presentations by experts on a variety of topics to help you grow your business and profits.

Click on an event to see more.

Full schedule to come—check back soon!

September 18-22, 2023

Image of a MiTek presenter speaking before a crowd at IBS 2023
Logo for the 2023 Building Component Manufacturer's Conference and Framer Summit

October 7-11, 2024

Milwaukee, WI

Logo for the 2023 Building Component Manufacturer's Conference and Framer Summit

September 18 – 22, 2023
8:00 am – 12:00 pm ET

Indiana Convention Center
100 South Capitol Ave
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