Corporate Structure

MiTek Inc. and its subsidiaries are a global operating company serving residential and commercial building customers.

APAC: MiTek operates in the Asia Pacific region through MiTek Australia Ltd.; MiTek New Zealand Ltd.; MiTek Vietnam Ltd.; Gang-Nail Philippines, Inc.; Benson Wall Systems Philippines, Inc.; Benson Wall Systems Pte. Ltd. in Singapore; and Build Soft Pty Ltd. in Australia.

EMEA: In the Europe, Africa and Middle East region, MiTek operates through MiTek Industries, SRO in Czech Republic; MiTek Finland OY in Finland; MiTek Industries, SAS in France; MiTek Industries GmbH and MiTek Mezzanine Systems GmbH in Germany; MiTek Industries Polaska SP.Z.O.O. in Poland; MiTek Industries Group S.R.L. in Romania; MiTek Industries OOO in Russia; MiTek South Africa Pty Ltd in South Africa; MiTek Industries AB and Construction Software Center Europe AB in Sweden; and MiTek Industries, Ltd. and MiTek Mezzanine Systems Ltd. in the United Kingdom.

North America: MiTek operates through MiTek Inc., Benson Industries, Inc. SidePlate Systems, Inc., MiTek Mezzanine Systems, Inc. and Accurate Installations, Inc. in the United States and MiTek Canada, Inc. in Canada.

Mechanical Solutions Division: MiTek Inc.’s Mechanical Solutions division consists of Ellis & Watts Global Industries, Inc, Heat-Pipe Technologies, Inc., Miller Sage, Inc., and TMI Climate Solutions, Inc. in the United States; and TMI Climate Solutions Canada, Inc. in Canada.