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Our History

MiTek's History - Sepia photo of John Calvin Juriet from the 1950s


An engineer named John “Cal” Jureit invented and patented the Gang-Nail connector, the first metal punch-tooth connector plate for wood trusses that did not require supplemental nail fastening.

MiTek's History - Two gang nail plates layed out to display boths sides of the product


Jureit founded Gang-Nail Systems, Inc., a company that stamped the metal connector plates, changing how roof trusses are built, making construction more scalable and housing more affordable.

MiTek's History - Black and white photo of Walter Moehlenpah from the 1960s


A St. Louis, Missouri businessman, Walter Moehlenpah, expands his hydraulics business, Moehlenpah Industries Inc., and enters the residential housing market by patenting his version of a punch-tooth connector plate to make prefabricated trusses. Using Cal Jureit and Gang-Nail Systems as a model, Moehlenpah also manufactures machinery to apply the connectors plates and establishes operations in Africa, Australia, Canada, and Europe.

Image of early computing punchcards


Computer-based truss programs are written on IBM cards, and customer jobs are keypunched onto additional machine-reading cards, beginning the rise of digital construction design.


Moehlenpah Industries Inc. becomes Hydro-Air Engineering. Truss software is installed on a General Electric mainframe and accessed by customers through remote design terminals, allowing them to select from dozens of standard designs or enter custom geometries.

MiTek's History - Newspaper clipping of story about Paul Cornelson buying a portion of Hydro-Air Engineering


During one of the housing’s deep recessions, Paul Cornelson, then Vice President of Ralston Purina, acquires Hydro-Air Engineering from the Moehlenpah family. As Cornelson considers the truss software and technology’s role in its value to customers, he creates a new identity to bring technology into the company name. As such, he forms the parent company, MiTek Industries, Inc., and becomes Chairman & CEO.


MiTek forms a joint venture with British company Bowater, PLC, to acquire Gang-Nail Systems. Gang-Nail Systems and Hydro-Air Engineering continue to operate under the same ownership but as independent brands in the marketplace.

MiTek's History - Dave McQuinn and three men at a desk with late 1980s computer


MiTek 2000 (later renamed MiTek 20/20) becomes the first native Microsoft Windows truss design program for component manufacturers, changing the direction of software within the homebuilding industry.


Gang-Nail Systems and Hydro-Air Engineering operating companies merge as MiTek Industries, Inc., and go to market as one brand, MiTek.

MiTek Gantry Roller in use


MiTek expands to a full-service machinery supplier after securing the roller gantry system from Diamond Machinery Corporation, filling the industry’s growing demand for plant automation.


MiTek Australia increases its fabricator footprint and market leadership position in frame and truss when Gang-Nail Australia Ltd., a MiTek Australian subsidiary, acquires the truss connector division of Stanley-Bostitch Pty Ltd.

MiTek's History - An envelope of gang nail plates wrapped in bubble wrap


On the verge of being sold off by Bowater, PLC, Gene Toombs, then MiTek Chairman, President, and CEO, calls and sends a letter to Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway to discuss the possible acquisition of MiTek. On July 31, 2001, MiTek became a member of the Berkshire Hathaway family of companies.

Image of the New Zealand Building Act of 2004


In New Zealand, the Building Act of 2004 requires 10-year implied warranties on all residential building work. MiTek responds by providing market-proven techniques and leading technology solutions to drive adherence to the specifications of the Building Act.

MiTek's History - New automation facility in St. Charles, Missouri


MiTek opens a 177,600-square-foot research and development facility to develop and produce the next generation of building component machinery.


MiTek introduces SAPPHIRE® Build, a software suite for production home builders to control their entire operation with one complete system.


Mitek 2013


The acquisition of Benson Industries, LLC, extends and diversifies MiTek’s solution offering into the global high-rise commercial building construction market.

Screenshot of MiTek PAMIR roof and floor design software


MiTek PAMIR roof and floor design software launches in the UK truss market to replace MiTek 20/20 software for a single fully integrated application.

Image of MiTek teams providing specialized technical solutions


MiTek acquires Platinum Global Co., Ltd., and begins providing specialized technical solutions serving customers in architecture, drafting, engineering design, estimating, and other technical services for the construction industry globally.

MiTek's Design-Make-Build methodology, showing value: 1) Higher Quality, 2) Increased Speed, 3) Less Waste, and 4) Less Resources


MiTek introduces the Design-Make-Build™ methodology, increasing the viability of off-site construction and unlocking higher-quality builds, faster speeds, less waste, fewer resources, and more value.