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As a builder, you want to maximize profits and improve cycle time. But how do you do that while maintaining high quality and minimizing waste? Incorporating off-site building components and engineered connections (at design) is a game changer for your business. When you collaborate upfront with an industry-leading component manufacturer using MiTek technologies and solutions, you can save time and labor costs and ensure a superior end product.

Unlock the Power of Design-Make-Build™

Componentized roof trusses, wall panels, and floor trusses are designed and manufactured using innovative off-site construction technologies.

Optimize build plans for off-site construction to maximize outcomes with software and services that enable collaboration across specialties.

Get high-quality components that compress your schedule through the power and control of off-site automation technologies.

Minimize resources, waste, and time on-site with componentized roof structures, wall panels, and floor trusses that arrive ready to drop in place.


Enhance your operational performance with software solutions that connect the entire supply chain.

MiTek® Array™

MiTek Array is a Revit plugin for production builders to effectively create and manage their library of options, models, sheets, and materials. Version your plans and scale your operation with a vast array of automated options.


Dramatically reduce your drafting time by automating the creation of lot-specific and master plan sets. Generate detailed BOMs in minutes – not hours or days. It’s all your options – and options-on-options – drawn once.

MiTek®️ Wrightsoft®️

The all-in-one HVAC software calculates loads for accurate size and system design to maximize comfort and efficiency in performance.

MiTek®️ Kova™

Manage all your workflows in one solution, converting disorganized resources of people, machines, material, money, time, and space into a useful and effective enterprise managed in a single software platform.


Build your business with MiTek’s professional services and deliver to your customers with speed and precision.

  • 3D Modeling & BIM
  • 2D Drafting
  • Estimating & BOM
  • Optimization Design
  • HVAC Design
  • And More

TrueNorth is Now a MiTek Brand. TrueNorth Consulting uses lean construction methods to help builders build more homes with fewer resources and improved quality.

Engineered Systems & Products

Lateral Systems

A complete line of lateral force-resisting products that meet all needs of the light-frame wood construction industry.

Watertight System

Deliver superior protection from moisture, mold, and mildew while you benefit from the ease and speed of installation.

Connector Plates

Where it all started: MiTek has been manufacturing dependable, quality connector plates since 1955.

Structural Connectors

A comprehensive line of structural connectors and hardware that ensures stronger connections across the entire structure optimized for safety and code compliance.

Structural Nails

A full range of structurally-rated galvanized nails that are Hot-dipped for greater corrosion resistance.

Structural Wood Screws

Code compliant, labor reducing, pro-quality screws available in interior and exterior, including self-drilling screws used for numerous framing applications.


A wide range of bolts specified for the MiTek product line, each equipped with two washers and one hex nut.

Collated Hardware Nails

The collated hardware nail head identification system that ensures the correct fastener is used in its proper application.

Connector Screw

A self-drilling screw that can be used with several MiTek Structural Connectors and wood-to-wood applications.


Collaborate with a MiTek component manufacturer (CM) to optimize the construction process using off-site components made to your specifications. MiTek CMs utilize industry-leading machinery, integrated software, and connectors to make roof trusses, wall panels, and floor trusses that arrive at your building site ready to drop in place.

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