Engineered Systems & Products

Advanced Solutions for Accelerated Building

Access a full range of engineered solutions that can transform the way you build. Reduce your project and labor costs, minimize waste, and deliver more efficiency and quality to the job sites.

Truss Systems

Whether you are building with wood or steel, you can realize the efficiency of prefabricated floor and roof truss solutions. Reduce construction time while increasing structural integrity and maintaining design flexibility.

Connector Plates

Where it all started: MiTek has been manufacturing dependable, quality connector plates since 1955.

Floor Cassettes

Floor truss systems with the MEP installed in each truss at the time of manufacturing. Components and MEP are then hoisted in place and quickly connected on-site for efficient and precise construction.

Open Web Floor Trusses

Save time and money with open web floor trusses. The open webbing provides easy access for trades while also reducing installation time onsite.


Increase wood floor truss performance with clear span flexibility, building design freedom, and easy access for plumbing and electrical installations.

Ultra-Span® Floor Truss

Build stronger, longer-lasting, and more resilient structures with the strength of our cold-formed steel floor trusses.

Connector Plates

Where it all started: MiTek has been manufacturing dependable, quality connector plates since 1955.

Stabilizer Brace

A permanent lateral truss bracing system that, unlike traditional temporary wood bracing, saves labor and lumber costs and eliminates the need to remove temporary methods.

Ultra-Span® Roof Truss

Build stronger, longer-lasting, and more resilient structures with the strength of our cold-formed steel roof trusses.

Structural Systems

Attain greater architectural freedom while maintaining unrivaled structural integrity with lateral systems and moment frame connection technologies. Designed for easy installation, these systems offer cost savings while delivering best-in-class strength and resiliency.


A cold-formed steel (CFS) panel system.

CFS Frames

A complete line of lateral force resisting products that meet all needs of wood-framed construction in residential and light commercial projects. MiTek Lateral systems provide solutions ranging from structural connectors to custom engineered special moment frames and include our industry-leading Cold-Formed Steel structural frames and shear wall systems.

Moment Frames

A state-of-the-art, design optimization service for lateral systems that reduces tonnage, minimizes required connections, and accelerates erection times.

Shear Wall System

Optimize your build with cost-effective and narrow prefabricated shear wall panels.


Used in multi-story buildings to transfer uplift tension forces caused by earthquake and wind loading to the foundation.

SidePlate® Connection Design

Reduce overall tonnage, minimize required connections, and accelerate erection times with connection design for wind-governed regions.

SidePlate® PLUS Connection Design

Reduce overall tonnage, minimize required connections, and accelerate erection times with resilient connection designs for seismic regions.

Structural Columns

Sturdy structural columns and adjustable support posts that are used to support beams carrying loads in diverse applications.

BlackJack and RedJack Structural Columns

RedJack and BlackJack structural columns are sold in two kits: column kits and plate kits. Used together, these kits provide better flexibility to suit various project applications.

JP Adjustable Support Posts

Adjustable Support Posts used to support carport roofs and beams up to 16’ in length and a 50 lbs/ft2 live load.

Enclosure Systems

Utilize a world-class engineered curtain wall system, or an innovative prefabricated unitized wall system, to add design flexibility, increase quality, and reduce your on-site schedule.

Benson® Curtain Wall

A comprehensive custom curtain wall and façade service including system design, estimating, materials selection, engineering, prototype testing, project management, and site installation.

Benson® Glass

Contract glazing service for new and existing construction, including storefront, window and window wall, glass replacement, and custom curtain wall and facade.


An innovative, prefabricated wall solution that integrates Benson Curtain Wall design principles to bring prefabricated quality and installation speed to your project.

Mezzanine Systems

Transforming with you as your business evolves, our pre-engineered mezzanine structures are designed and manufactured in our purpose-built fabrication plant for strength and longevity at a cost savings to you. From conventional to complex systems, build up instead of building out with integrated mezzanine solution that fits your existing industrial, distribution, or manufacturing facility. All of our solutions are completed with the best finishing options in the industry, including our Powder Coat Paint process.


Our decking options come in many different materials that are sure to provide a solid footing for people, products, and equipment in warehouses, heavy manufacturing, e-commerce, and more.


Our proprietary cold-formed


Our I-Beam framing option is ideal for projects that require a low deck profile and long column spans.


Safely move materials and provide convenient access to mezzanines and other elevated platforms with our industrial safety gates featuring a floor-mounted design.


Our easy-to-install Industrial Safety Handrails protect people, walkways, and machinery from collisions and clearly define walkways, loading docks, production areas, and more.

Industrial Stairs

Our customizable mezzanine stairs are ideal for indoor or outdoor applications and are professionally engineered to meet IBC and OSHA requirements.

Barrier Systems

The innovative material technology in our Watertight System enables you to deliver superior protection from moisture, mold, and mildew while you benefit from the ease and speed of installation.

TRITON® Backer Board

Manufactured using our patented magnesium cement technology, the TRITON® Backer Board is the industry’s most advanced cement tile backer and underlayment. It is easy to score and snap and provides a strong, lightweight installation substrate.

TRITON® Waterproof Backer Board

The TRITON® Waterproof Backer Board has the same benefits as the TRITON® Backer Board, plus a pre-applied watertight membrane.

Decoupling Mat

The industry’s most user-friendly decoupling mat intuitively adapts to ever-changing tile flooring conditions, absorbing compression, managing moisture, and preventing cracks.

Pre-Sloped Shower Pan

The Pre-Sloped Shower Pan package contains everything you need to install a perfectly pitched shower that drains properly and stays watertight.

Membrane and Accessories

A flexible, watertight membrane and vapor barrier designed for installation behind tiled surfaces in high-moisture rooms. Includes membrane rolls, seam tape, corners, and pipe/valve collars.

Liquid Waterproof Membrane

Designed for use in tile and stone applications, this ready-to-use elastomeric waterproofing and crack isolation liquid membrane helps you add a moisture barrier that works harder so you can work smarter.

Connectors & Fasteners

Leverage a full range of structurally rated fasteners and more than 4,000 structural connectors to build with ultimate speed and quality.


A wide range of bolts specified for the MiTek product line, each equipped with two washers and one hex nut.

Collated Hardware Nails

The collated hardware nail head identification system that ensures the correct fastener is used in its proper application.

Connector Screw

A self-drilling screw that can be used with several MiTek Structural Connectors and wood-to-wood applications.

Structural Nails

A full range of structurally-rated galvanized nails that are Hot-dipped for greater corrosion resistance.

Structural Wood Screws

Code compliant, labor reducing, pro-quality screws available in interior and exterior, including self-drilling screws used for numerous framing applications.

Structural Connectors

A comprehensive line of structural connectors and hardware that ensures stronger connections across the entire structure optimized for safety and code compliance.

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